Tuesday, September 25, 2012

“The Readers”

Words shared across time   
in lazy hammocks under a cloudless sky   
reclining upon overstuffed divans cocooned in golden silk   
perching on table’s edge
walled by leather bound volumes heavy with musk   
lounging under tree branches as shadows dance across the page   
wind’s breath kissing pursed lips   
lost in a crowded room   
standing in solitude   
drifting away from prim daily obligations while haloed in sunshine   
drenched in orange blossoms   
absorbing thoughts and ideals   
whispered dreams   
escaping into ancient worlds or a lover’s arms   
imagining a future sublime

A Lady Reading
a Book
in a

Thomas Jakob
Richter, 1879
A Love Story
Emanuel Phillps Fox, 1903

A Woman Reading
Antonio Rizi, 1896

At Home
Juilus Lebalnc Steward, 1897

Dans la Bibliotheque
Auguste Toulmouche,

Joseph Christian Leyendeker, 1905

Girl Reading or A Fair Student
Charles Edward Peerugini 1878

Morning Sun
Harold Knight, 1913

My Eldest Daughter, Suzanne with Milk and Book
Carl Larsson, 1904

Peaceful Reading
Fernand Toussaint (1873-1955)

Reading by the Morning Light
Karl Vilhelm Holsoe

Woman Reading on a Settee
William Worchester Churchill,
between 1905 and 1910
The Letter
Jan van Beers, 1885

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