Wednesday, July 12, 2017

“Coping in Trumpland?”

         I didn’t plan this journey into Trumpland. I didn’t put this nightmare adventure park on my Bucket List of places that I must travel to before I die. Instead, the people around me abducted me. With hands cuffed, feet bound, and mouth duct taped, they forced me to join them.
         I kick and scream and struggle. I resist.
         I don’t want to be here.

        Trumpland feeds fears.
        Trumpland belittles kindness.
         Trumpland strips dignity from its citizens.
         Trumpland operates as a for profit business.
         Trumpland makes up its own rules.

         If I complain, insults thunder over me and drown out my protests.
“Stupid Snowflake.”
“Mouthy Bitch.”
“Worthless Cunt.”

I respond with phone calls and emails, petitions and protest rallies.
I focus on the one thing I know best—educating those who do not understand. That means I spend hours each day reading, fact checking, and sharing.
I do this because I want to go home.

Copyright 2017 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman



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