Sunday, September 20, 2015


I wanted to blanket you in gentle warmth,  
            swaddle  you, protect you  
Never dreaming that you suffocated  
            under the weight of my attention  
I longed for you to mirror my heart  
            —mimic my words  
            —morph into my Mini-Me  
And I snipped away your identity  
And shaped you into a paper doll  
            that no one else can love  
When convenient—  
I mended your heartbreaks  
And fought your monsters  
I also shared our intimacies  
            —in gossip  
            stripping you to bare bones  
My love— 
            So wrong in intensity—  
whipped between over-indulgence and neglect  
On and off  
And on again  
            Leaving you heartless  

Copyright 2015 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman