Monday, February 10, 2014

“Forgive and Forget”


Over time, the walls of self-defense become chinked with wear  
Overgrown by ivy, flowering each spring with climbing roses,     
The origins for brick and mortar fade in memory    
The enemy’s conniving and manipulation forgotten with each
          passing season    

Over time, the story of the their cruelty mutates     
Into a softer narrative of the human frailty found within their souls  
And the need to forgive and forget their heartless and vindictive
Grows because I must repair my damaged spirit     

Over time, the protective barriers seem superfluous     
My internal longings to belong create false hope     
That “this time” will prove different—better     
That somehow they’ve gentled with time     

Foolish me—to pull down the walls, to retell the tale       
To desire their love   

Foolish me—to provide them opportunity, to crush me    
Under the weight of my forgiveness      

Copyright 2014 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman  


  1. How beautiful your words; how beautiful they flow lifting the hearts and spirits of the reader. How blessed you are with such a talent that touches the many who read your works.

  2. Iona, Thank you so much for you kind words. I love that my pieces make you feel and think!