Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Twenty-four Hours"

            a black velvet cloak   
            that envelopes the Mother   
            cradles her in Heavenly splendor   
            offers her brilliant diamonds   
            in tribute to life   

            like a subtle warrior   
            creeps into the sky   
            wars against Night   
            a battle ground   
                        endless ebony   
                        royal purple       
                        burnt orange       
                        bleeding scarlet   
           spiking and spearing rays of the sun   
                        into Night’s flesh   

            glorifies the Death   
            sings bright notes   
            crystal and clear   
            celebrating the beginning   
            with rainbow droplets of dew   

            at first fresh and young   
            a cacophony of life   
            vibrantly shimmering in blue pools   
            like reflections of eternity   
            in the waters of life   

            the faintly pungent aroma   
            of decaying leaves   
            burns across the sky   
                        soft crimson   
                        silky salmon   
                        deep violet   
                        boundless black   
          encompassing and evolving
          to the depth of twilight   
                        enveloping the Mother   

 Copyright 1994 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

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