Tuesday, September 24, 2013

“Before and After”

David and Paul in Live Oak 1988.

Live Oak today!


            Our house, built in 1966, lives. Its slow evolution reflects our changing needs along with our shifting styles. Originally shingled with asbestos siding in a muted grey-green, the house now dresses in grey with red trim. The footprint, a mere thousand square feet in the beginning, now sports an addition of a family room, master bedroom, and master bathroom. Landscaping, once immature trees and bushes, towers over the lot. Inside, rooms transformed from plain beige tones to pastel tints to vibrant hues.


 I began documenting our home’s progression through photography. In the early years, the transformations appeared as background to our personal growth. In recent years, my camera records a project before we begin and after we finish.
        So many people now-a-days move frequently that they never get the pleasure of watching a small Live Oak reach maturity. They don’t have the opportunity to flourish with their homes. I count myself fortunate that I’ve sunk in roots and grown.
Copyright 2013 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman



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