Wednesday, September 12, 2012

“I ♥ The Dark Knight”

         When the phone rang last Saturday, I didn’t expect the question, “Have you seen the latest Batman movie?” from one of my friends.
         “No. But I want to!”
         “There’s a show starting in a couple of hours. Can you get someone to stay with your mother for a few hours?”
         Could I get someone to stay with Mom? For a Batman movie?
         I know this friend knew I’d find a way to meet with her. If she’d tried to entice me with some comedy or romance, I may have dragged my feet a little, but for Batman?

Adam West
Adam West
         I love Batman in every incarnation.  Who can resist this tragic hero? As I young girl, I read the comic book versions. I watched the Adam West Batman cavort on the small screen with delight each week and loved the Kapows!  of obviously faked fights.

         Fortunately for me, Batman grew up. I remember the outcry as many doubted Michael Keaton as Batman, but I saw in his earlier films that edgy unpredictability that any actor portraying Bruce Wayne and Batman must possess. The charm of Batman rides in the fact that multiple actors can interpret this character with success. I enjoyed Val Kilmer and George Clooney as they battled against crazy villains. The most recent Batman, Christian Bale, had the luxury of exploring Bruce Wayne much more than in the previous films. Because of that, he’s become my favorite.

Michael Keaton

Val Kilmer 

George Clooney

 Christian Bale

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