Sunday, January 22, 2012


         Dad loved sandwiches. During our evening meals, he’d set aside a little meat from our supper, some lettuce and tomato from the salad, and two slices of bread. No meal officially ended in our family until Dad spread Kraft mayonnaise upon the bread, added his American cheese, and layered the leftovers from his dinner into his sandwich. It never mattered what main course Mom prepared! Ham? Roast? Turkey? Fish? Fried chicken breast? Sausage? Pork chop? Everything made a fantastic double-decker treat.

         So last week, when I craved split pea soup, my store run included all of the ingredients for Reuben sandwiches; and somehow my longings for a sandwich every night kicked into overdrive. Everything’s been stacked upon dark rye or rolled oat slices. I’ve thinly slivered vine ripened tomatoes and kept a tub of baby spinach handy. My assortment of cheeses has expanded to Swiss, American, Pepper Jack, and very sharp cheddar. I’ve diversified our spreads, moving beyond plain Kraft mayonnaise and into some of the different flavored mayos now on the market. Our French’s mustard sits next to Grey Poupon and Jack Daniels Dijon. I’ve used pastrami, ham, and turkey. I’ve had a simple fried egg sandwich as well as a BLT.

         I don’t know how long this craving for sandwiches will last. For now, I’m enjoying the marvelous variety sandwiches provide to my palette without demanding much from my culinary skills.  

Copyright 2012 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman     


  1. I am a sandwich fan. Love 'em!
    Friday I discovered a wonderful shop = Piknikins at Blanco and 410. A little pricey, but soooooooo good.
    Let's find a time and let me treat you to some time out and sandwiches.

  2. Mary,
    We'll have to do that sometime. Alawys looking for a new place to eat, too!