Saturday, August 6, 2011

“Vicarious Vacations”

          As summer draws to a close, I must take a moment to thank all of my friends for including me on their travels! Caregiving means we’re limited to infrequent, short weekend trips. Of course, taking a yearly vacation has never been in our budget. We manage a trip once every five to seven years, so being home all summer usually doesn’t bother me. However, you know how it is, once something slips out of your grasp you want it more. Now that I cannot easily pack my bags and take off for a week, I long to do it more than ever!

            This summer I’ve made two remote trips to Hawaii where I’ve strolled along the beaches and celebrated the purity of the ocean. Mountaintop views have left me breathless. After Hawaii, I ventured up the California coastline, stopping in various cities like San Francisco. Venturing northward, my secondhand traveling deposited me in Seattle where I walked through museums. A day trip took me to Mt. Rainier’s snowy peak. From there I wound down the mountain’s snaking roads, stopping for waterfalls and wildlife. My laptop adventures nudged me northward again to cruise the Alaskan coastline. Glaciers and virgin forests, moose and sled dog puppies, pristine vistas and heart-stopping sunsets graced my days. My faraway meandering included excursions into Canada, tours through major cities, “four-wheeling” in Colorado, rides at Disney World, and spending sprees in Las Vegas. I even climbed in the mountains of Peru!
            These vicarious vacations entertained me when my days stretched in tedious repetition. Maybe one day, I’ll get to finally get to amble down a Hawaiian beach. Maybe I’ll revisit San Francisco or Seattle and wind back up the road to Mt. Rainier. Perhaps I’ll make my first trip to Alaska and Canada, or even finally make it to Disney World or Vegas. For now, I’m forever grateful for the photographs and anecdotes shared by all my untethered friends.

A special Thank you for photography provided by: Brenda Allen, Lisa Davis, Espe Garcia, Nona Hall, Suzanne Bellah Kenoyer, Rebecca Robles, Traci Williams
Copyright 2011 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

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