Sunday, August 28, 2011

“Saturday in the Swing”

Saturday in the swing
            serenaded with cicada song
                        and the chuck-chuck-chuck
                                    of chiding squirrels
                                                I float
                                    aimless—and appreciative
                                                of quiet moments spent swaying
My dog calls greeting to our neighbor
            rolling her Rs like that old Ruffles commercial
                        she’s a sentry
                                    sniffing out lizards
A breeze plays with my writing paper
            dances the words among the shadows
                        cast from sun and leaves
                                    making me dizzy in the Texas heat
A paw taps my knee
            accompanied by a whine
                        I’m abandoned
                                    for central air
Moisture collects
            on the back of my neck
                        on upper lip
                                    around my hairline
                                                behind my knees
I inhale humidity
            yet I linger
                        savoring my Saturday in the swing

Copyright 2011 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

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