Wednesday, July 5, 2017

“Our Moral Obligation”

         Another round of presidential misogyny left me fuming for a few days. A horde of angry responses snarled and gnashed their fangs within my mind. Yet I stayed away from keyboard. Not because I wanted to reign in my words, but because I fought for just the right order and organization to my thoughts.
         My little blog posts won’t change anything.
   The president’s deeply rooted personality disorder won’t miraculously disappear because I wish it so. There’s no magic. Not even the fervent prayers of the multitudinous faithful will rescue us from this current mess.
       Instead, we have to watch every day and wait for this man to stop skirting around social inappropriateness and actually break a law. A “biggy” that really matters. In the meantime, we summon every ounce of patience as investigations into obstruction of justice play out. Our gut tells us that this may not take that long; but whenever it happens, it may still be too late.
      And so, why do I write? Why do I pass along every article I read about this administration? What do I hope to accomplish?
         A moral obligation.
        A moral obligation to speak out every time an injustice occurs.
        A moral obligation to share facts and data that become obscured by ignorance—or even worse, a political agenda that seeks profit over prosperity.
        A moral obligation to pass along documented and referenced research about the administration’s desire for authoritarianism.
         A moral obligation to protect our right to vote.
         A moral obligation to voice dissent.
         A moral obligation to stand with our free press.
        A moral obligation to address the absurdities of this president and to yell, “THIS IS NOT NORMAL!”
      And that’s it. The bottom line. My moral obligation compels me to educate everyone I can with the understanding that we must stand together to fight against this abnormality.

Copyright 2017 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman  

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