Monday, May 18, 2015

“The Play”

ACT ONE              
            She lightens her brown hair        
                        He prefers blondes        
            She leaves family, drops friends      
                        He wants her to himself        
            She quits schools, leaves her job        
                        He cheats and she forgives        

ACT TWO         
            He demands exact replicas        
                        She produces an heir and a spare        
            He expects superiority        
                        She learns deceit and lies        
            He builds and buys a lifestyle        
                        She numbs herself with wine        

ACT THREE        

            A mansion filled with regrets        
                        Their marriage is a glossy veneer        
            Time spent in sun and sand       
                        Their love becomes a mirage        
            A picture of perfection       
                        Photoshop over Truth        

Copyright 2015 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

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