Friday, April 11, 2014

            The latest invasion into my privacy means I have to generate new passwords. Many people can do this task easily. They come up with some nifty combination of letters, numbers or symbols that they can easily recall. For me, creating passwords takes more effort than stringing eight or more letters together. I need something that I can remember, first and foremost. That means tapping into old memories for a person, place, or event that I can use as the basis for my code. Then I have to add a variety of numbers or symbols at the beginning or ending of this building block. Always focusing on a combination that will be easy for me to remember while making absolutely no sense at all to anyone else. So, I’ll spend the next day or two playing around with ideas that will seem obscure to anyone but me.
            Wish me luck!
Copyright 2014 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

“Spring Time in Texas”

            If I could, I’d pause this time of year and let it linger for month after month. The cooler nights mean I slide my windows open and slumber with scents of honeysuckle and rose. My air conditioner stands silent and still as soft breezes waft into each room. Outside, a polarized filter refines leaves, deepens the sky to cerulean, and cuts daylight and shadow into razor-sharp relief. A trip down any road takes me to fields of wildflowers, a photographer’s paradise. Point and shoot. Perfect moments stretch out eternally.

Copyright 2014 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

Monday, April 7, 2014


from Peter Matthews, Movie Pilot

            Over dozens of tacos (Taco Sunday at Taco Bell), we analyzed the latest MARVEL flick, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Or rather, we spent our lunch discussing the entire franchise, and why our family has fallen in love with all of these comic book heroes once again. The bottom line? Stan Lee and his crew provide entertainment—and fun— from the first moment of their films through to the final credit (which any true fan knows you must watch in order to catch that last frame of humor).

            Friends often ask me, “Which film’s your favorite?”

            And I reply, “Depends.”

             Whether I want Stark’s cockiness or Thor’s abs, I know that when I step into the MARVEL world, I can expect a whirlwind of action, witty dialogue, and the triumph of good over evil. What a wonderful way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon!


Copyright 2014 Elizabeth Abram Chapman