Tuesday, June 24, 2014


A willow woman     
With spiked heels and sassy stride   
And contagious laugh that lured me into her life with playful words
Commonalities wove us into an easy friendship   
Same wine, same music, same world view   

Until . . .    
            He entered     
            And her eyes followed him, hypnotized   
            And her loneliness compelled her to   
            Cling to his words  
            Cloak herself in self-deception     
            As she became his shadow and lost all substance   

A tenacious terrier   
With body honed to steel   
And wit weapon sharp and deadly   
She voraciously fed upon change   
An adrenaline junkie   
Smart enough to carve her place   
Determined to succeed     
A warrior mother fighting through heartbreak and disappointment
Our friendship a braid of Time, Triumph, Travails   

Until . . .   
            He entered   
            And she drew into his orbit   
            And her loneliness compelled her to   
            Dream his dreams   
            Attach herself tightly to him   
            As she severed all other ties   

Years from now  
Confusion and Disbelief  
Will mingle with their tears as they lament,   
“He’s gone. He’s gone.
I became what he wanted, who he wanted.  
But it wasn’t enough.”   

And they’ll be shadows without substance tethered to no one.     


Copyright 2014 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman




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