Saturday, August 31, 2013

“New Recipes”

            After spending months salivating over different recipes posted (pictures included) on Facebook, I decided to copy and paste anything that appealed to me; and which I knew my family would also like to try. Over the last few weeks, I’ve cut, diced and chopped. I’ve stirred, boiled, and baked. I’ve tasted and savored, and delighted in new aromas and flavor combinations.
            We’ve enjoyed Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas, Cowboy Cornbread and Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana Soup. My husband has developed a love for Sticky Bun Breakfast Ring on weekend mornings instead of his usual pancakes. We’ve discovered that we all love strong flavors. If feta cheese is in the recipe, I know I’ll get raving reviews.

            Making changes in life can simply come from adding a new spice to the rack or finding a tasteful way to cook Kale. Little adjustments and experiments often lead to the most unexpected findings, both about cooking—and about life!
Copyright 2013 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman