Monday, December 2, 2013

“Should Be . . .”

            I should be collecting all of my Thanksgiving decorations into a neat pile to make packing them away for the next year easier.
            I should be dressed in my work-out clothes, ready to run out the door and charge into my day.
            I should be making the beds, jotting down the grocery list, paying the bills, adding up our accounts.
            I should be organizing the Christmas gifts that need to go out in this week’s mail, double checking to make certain I’m still within my holiday budget.
            I should be trimming the hedges, raking the leaves, and tidying the gardens before cold and rain return.
            I should be working on my novel, reading a new book, scanning those old photographs into the computer.
            I should be focusing on the “next” plan, calculating how to reach my newest goal, and determining the next step to take.
            I should be---BUT I’M NOT!
            Instead, I linger in bed, a lazy cat following beams of sunshine.
            Instead, I flirt shamelessly with inactivity.
            Instead, I prop my feet up while Bitstrip searching.
            Instead, I listen to Padme’s purr and Koi’s soft snore.
            Instead, I savor the solitude of morning.
            Instead, I luxuriate in slow motion.
            Instead, I drift from thought to thought and dabble in dawdling.
Copyright 2013 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

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