Friday, October 11, 2013

"The Best Nap"

Malahide Castle

Dublin bound for half a day   
with seats in the upright position   
fitfully dozing during the long flight   
as snatches of movies weave into my dreams   
maneuvering through city streets    
in search of Malahide Castle—our first stop in enchantment   
the cobwebs of travel puff away       
catch on the gossamer of history       
we walk hand-in-hand from parlor to pantry       
forgetting our fatigue as we meander through gardens   
we linger, lusting for greener pastures   
hunger nudges us to homemade bread and thick potato soup   
--Clontarf Castle’s soft beds lure us upstairs   
hot showers, cool linens blend with child play   
we stretch on pristine sheets and tumble into perfect slumber   
sleep embraces us soothingly as we spoon together   
glass tinkling, or pixie laughter?   
the voices of Ireland lull us into serenity   

Clontarf Castle

Copyright 2011 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

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