Wednesday, June 12, 2013



            Some tasks simply must wait until enough time becomes available before I can tackle them. Even then, my frame of mind needs to zero in on the “time plus effort” equation to evaluate if I really want to take on the chore.
            Yesterday, I set about accomplishing the housework that no one else sees, that takes days and days to finish, but often results in the most satisfaction. I spent two and a half hours in the master bathroom taking every item out of the linen closet, sorting through each storage bin for expiration dates of over the counter remedies, organizing hair clasps and head bands, and thoroughly cleaning under the bathroom sink. I dusted every slat on the blinds and buffed every surface to a shine.

            My master plan continues into our bedroom today. With vacuum attachments in hand, feather duster nearby, and music swirling around me, I will tackle every drawer! Nineteen in all. I’ll sort through two trunks, and reclaim the closet. I will mercilessly chuck old panty hose into the trash, critically evaluate my affection for a favorite and faded nightie, and decided that calendars dating back three years no longer hold importance.
            I’ll tax my muscles as I inch heavy furniture away from the walls to attack dust bunnies that have bred several litters. My fingers may ache by the end of the day from polishing every surface, but I’ll celebrate smugly when the work winds down because I’ll know the job’s well done.
            And tomorrow? On to the next room and another full assault until I’ve conquered every little nook-n-cranny within the house.   

Copyright 2013 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

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