Wednesday, March 13, 2013

“Burying Dead Bodies”

            My warped mind exercises itself by plotting murders.
            I’ve burned, poisoned, bludgeoned, and strangled. I’ve “run through with a sword” and run over with a car. I’ve frozen and thawed. I’ve sliced-n-diced.
            I don’t know when playing these mind games started, and I’m glad my sociopathic side stays strongly secure within make-believe.
            Imagine my pleasure when I stumbled upon the knowledge that iPhone’s Siri recites a list of where to hide dead bodies! I delighted in learning that someone “out there” thinks in the same murky waters that I find my own mind trolling.
            Siri’s list contains, however, the obvious places:  reservoirs, metal foundries, mines, dumps, and swamps. So I’m spending my downtime during spring break generating a new and unique list of disposal of my victims.
            Of course, I definitely won’t share this list with my readers. Because, you know—I may need to use it one day!

Copyright 2013 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman


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