Friday, February 22, 2013

"Lovely Leading Ladies"

         Equal time must be given to the women of Hollywood. Compiling my inventory of female favorites took longer for me than generating my list of male hunks. The first few names of these beautiful women sprang quickly to mind, but once I started my list, it grew well over my goal of ten names.

         My criteria for the women on my list varied from that of the men. With the women, I had to really enjoy watching them. Whenever I’ve seen them in a film, I’ve thought, “Wow, she’s stunning.” I’ll have to admit that for some of these younger actresses, I couldn’t name a single film that I’ve seen them in, but I remember thinking, “Pretty! Sparkle!” A couple of these actresses have shaved of their tresses and still remained shockingly beautiful. Of course, several of the other actresses have mile long lists of movie credits and represent some of the best acting ever seen in Hollywood!


Chapman’s Top Ten Lovely Leading Ladies List (in no particular order):

1.      Katherine Hepburn                          6.  Keira Knightly
2.      Maureen O’Hara                              7.  Judy Garland
3.      Cate Blanchett                                   8.  Barbara Stanwyck
4.      Natalie Portman                                9.  Elizabeth Taylor
5.      Halle Berry                                        10. Gene Tierney


I’d love to see the names you put on your list. Feel free to post a comment and share your personal favorites!  

Copyright 2011 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

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