Thursday, January 10, 2013

"The Crush"

her heartbeat kicks as he approaches
         her hands fumble
         scattering spirals and papers
                  to her feet
a text tumbles
         skids to a stop by his sneakered foot
a blush heats her neck
         embarrassment and shyness
                  drop her
                           to her knees
she shovels her mess into a careless pile

"Is this yours?"
his voice teases her to look upward
         meet his mischievous eyes
a gallant knight,
         he kneels before her
                  neatly straightening her papers
his smile broadens
         he skims his fingertips over her hand
                  grasps her by the elbow
                           nudges her to her clumsy feet
she ducks her chin to chest
         mumbles, "Thanks"
                  as he confidently strides away
"Stupid, stupid, stupid!"
         she berates herself
                  for her tongue-tied timidity
surreptitiously, she watches him—
         she longs for his voice to say her name
                           her first kiss
         mixing his hot and eager experience with her innocence
                  stealing her breath—her heart

he ignores the teasing banter of his friends
         feels honored by her worship
                  encourages her with attention
                           gentled by his kindness
he dismisses his own longing
         for her sweetness
he  understands her purity
         he cherishes
                  her silent longing
he knows
         his fast and furious nature
                  lures, tempts, mesmerizes
                           and so he protects her from herself

Copyright 2013 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman


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