Friday, April 13, 2012


the littlest exclusion   
draws my attention from the tightrope   
of my life—   
pulls my concentration   
from the next step   
forces me to waiver   
as my attention perceives   
something wrong in my periphery   
one misspoken word   
one invitation unsent   
one empty promise   
pushes me off balance   
makes my steps falter and fail   
Where are you?   
under me with a net?   
beside me with encouragement?   
ahead of me with assurances?   
your disembodied voice   
carries concern   
yet you never come   
you never have time   
you never share my heartbreak   
beyond an obligatory phone call   
as you unthinkingly   
plunge me into an abyss of loneliness  

Copyright 2012 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

“I Dreamt of You”

I dreamt of you last night   
vivid images   
sitting across from you at a table   
your hands toying restlessly with a cup of stale coffee   
impatient for a cigarette in this smoke free room   
the scent of your perfume mingles with dust and mold   
as you laugh at my inane joke   
my attempt to tease you away from your grief   
I dreamt of you last night   
a muted mirage   
mimicking reality   
your haunted eyes deep set and dark   
desperately darting here-and-there   
avoiding my scrutiny as I peer through your fa├žade   
sensing sorrow under your kind words   
as you offer support and comfort to me   
I dreamt of you last night 

Copyright 2012 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

“Pretty Girls”

         Some mornings pace out like a stretching cat, slow and sinewy. I find time to write, jot off a few emails, or even read an article or two before my daily routine kicks into overdrive. This morning, Mom woke up complaining that she felt sick. We’ve begun to suspect that really means she’s hungry. After two huge pancakes soaked in syrup and a mug of heated Boost, Mom retreated back to bed, mumbling that she felt cold and instructing me to tuck an extra blanket around her.
         My unexpected free morning led me to peruse Facebook, where I stumbled upon a magnificently powerful essay written by Ashley Judd. In this piece, she articulated her frustration with our society’s obsession over physical appearance. She blasted the media for its derogatory attitudes and agenda when dealing with women.
Keira Knightly
         I wish every Hollywood actress and runway model would throw away her scales. I wish they would fire their trainers and their private chefs. I wish they would eat sensibly and eat well. I wish they would exercise for health and not for wealth. I wish they would never visit a plastic surgeon. I wish they would embrace crow’s feet and cellulite.  I wish they would unite and declare, “No more size 0 for me!”
         Wouldn’t it be lovely to see our women gently embracing life’s events instead of battling against nature? I’m tired of pregnant women dieting because they want to be within five pounds of their “pre-baby weight” once they deliver. I’m worn out by women who guzzle wine and puff cigarettes to control their appetites. I’m exhausted by the queries of my fifty-something friends on whether a facelift or Botox treatment would make them look younger and sexier. I’m tired of seeing friends starve themselves into bikinis that really should be worn only by younger women.
         I challenge my fellow females to look into their mirrors, see the “flaws” and to declare, “I love the crinkles around my eyes when I smile!” For you see, everyone’s beautiful when she smiles.  

Copyright 2012 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

Monday, April 9, 2012

“Tuffs of Koi”

         This winter, two year old Koi donned a luxuriously heavy fur coat. Whenever he sat in my lap, my fingers stroked this soft pelt with delight. If I wanted to massage the dog’s muscles, I had to delve under inches of fuzz before I’d feel skin.
         The warmer weather of spring means Koi leaves bits and pieces of his coat throughout the house. He loves having his fur groomed and often brings his chewed up brush to the couch, so one of us can comb through his fleece. He adores the attention and pampering that he gets when I run the brush through is hair.
         However, over the last few days I cannot keep up with Koi’s shedding enough. Everywhere he goes, he leaves little fluffs of himself. Since he follows me throughout the house, clumps of white trail from bedroom to hallway to Mom’s bedroom. Koi loves perching on the back of Mom’s dark brown sitting room couch where he spies upon the neighbor’s cats. Lately, he’s left so much of his coat upon the loveseat that we could’ve cloned a second Koi.
         I hate vacuuming and don’t want to haul out the machine every day to collect these little tuffs of Koi. Instead, as I move from room to room with my daily routine, I keep an eagle eye out for the cottony down. By the end of each day, I’ve collected quite wad, and I keep thinking that I should recycle this fur into something functional, but . . .

Copyright 2012 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman