Friday, June 22, 2012

“Wet Dogs”

Koi and Bridget after baths

         We fight an unexpected battle this summer—against fleas! The mild winter doomed us to this crazy infestation. I thought I’d outsmart the bugs by starting Frontline treatments on the animals back in April. Then my vacuum cleaner fried itself, and the fleas sank their teeth into the dogs and their feet into my carpet.

         So the battle is on!

Koi scratching at those fleas!
         A few days ago, I treated the carpet with some special, magical powder, letting it settle into the fibers for two hours. If I can find time to vacuum daily, I’ll stand a chance of sucking the little vermin up in a cyclonic vortex. I see a Rug Doctor in our near future, too. If I can’t suck the fleas out, I’ll drown them!

Bridget sniffing out a flea
         Which brings me to our wet dogs. Fleas hate water. They scramble to the surface of each dog’s fur the moment I apply water. Add a little flea shampoo, and they jump ship. As I bathed Bridget and Koi today, I heard the little critters screaming as they flung themselves from wet dog into warm water.

         I wickedly smiled as Bridget scooted against the carpet, knowing the fleas would prefer dry carpet to wet dog. The dry carpet already contains the insecticide that will destroy the enemy. And my brand new vacuum waits patiently for another attack. Yes! These parasites have met their match with me and mine.

All I need is a little perseverance. I need to stick to my battle plan, even if it means the weekly smell of wet dogs.

Victory will be mine!

New flea collars and fresh from a bath!

Copyright 2012 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

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