Wednesday, April 18, 2012

“Righteous Anger”

because you yell the loudest   
divide and pontificate with provocation  
you lay claim to justification    
you demean those who disagree    
through a false sense of superiority    
you lash out with vindictiveness    
choosing to injure and belittle    
you suck others into your fallacies    
with endless word manipulations    
you deride and insult    
to defend your flawed and mistaken reasoning    
you rationalize your anger and hatred    
by looking at everyone    
but yourself    
you are mean    
you are cruel    
you love no one    
this is your failure    
your loss    
your inability that wounds    
your harshness that kills    
your unhappiness that warps and destroys    
so scream out your      
righteous anger    
louder, louder, louder    
until you become hoarse    
until fatigue forces you to pause    
until you must be silent    
then listen to the echoes of your loneliness    

Copyright 2012 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman


  1. Wonderfully Written. This means so much. So much of this has been about the past few weeks. I have seen this in people. It is sad when it comes to that point. Once again a Beautiful Blog

  2. Wise words and especially the end of your writing, I congratulate you on your blog which I found by chance and I think I will be regular visitor.

    Best wishes from Monterrey Mexico.


    1. Pedro,

      Thank you so much for reading my blog. I try to write about things that I feel, and the things I think other people feel. I hope you keep on reading!