Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In her dreams   
         she sorts laundry into piles   
         she pays her bills, and she files       
         she cooks dinner every night   
         she turns off the bedroom light   
In her dreams   
         she tops her glass with iced tea   
         she swallows effortlessly   
         she speaks words without delay   
         she finds joy in every day     
In her dreams   
         she hikes along the fence line   
         she scrambles down the incline   
         she gathers rocks and fossils   
         she walks among daffodils   
In her dreams   
         she beats her disease’s stealth   
         she holds on to youthful health   
         she falls in love at first sight   
         she dances in the moonlight   
In her dreams   
         she wins against crippling strife   
         she regains pleasure in life   
         she conquers her past’s mishaps   
         she destroys the steel-toothed trap   
In her dreams . . .     

Copyright 2012 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman


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