Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Hand and Foot"

From the first morning bell, I am your hands and feet.   
Fatigue may dog my steps, but I don’t miss a beat.   
Rigid routine protects you through the endless day.   
Boredom entices you to see another way.   
On long days I cringe to hear one more request.   
My poor hands ache and sore feet scream, “Give me a rest!”   
Good days mean we venture out to eat or to shop.  
An hour’s your limit before you droop and drop.   
I wait on you hand and foot out of love and care.   
I treasure all these special days that we now share.   

Copyright 2011 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

For those of us who provide care for family members, the job is hard and yet rewarding. For me, it started with Mom having her own apartment here in San Antonio. We hung out together as she didn't need any help except with driving. As her needs changed, so did our roles. When Mom moved in with us in November 2010, I didn't realize her condition would worsen rapidly. We definitely try to focus on the good days!

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