Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Dysfunctional Family"

Dysfunctional family that no one wants to see   
Exploding into my face, killing complacency     
A brother-in-law irate since children want to play   
Yells at and bullies young girls, hurts me along the way   
Too many years of silence--turning the other cheek   
Too many days of hiding, of being mild and meek   
The banked fire broke out in flames, searing words were spoken   
Eyes burning, stomach churning, the control was broken   
Children in adult bodies wanting to have their say   
One powerfully monstrous, the other flees away   
A vain struggle in the car would certainly be lost   
Overpowered by brute strength, no way to bear that cross   
Faked submission to bring calm-- hands folded, eyes downcast   
False apologies offered, but nothing that will last   
Dysfunctional family that no one wants to see 
Copyright 2011 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

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