Monday, November 7, 2011

"Thoughtful Day"

I stood alone against the sun,   
a shadow of distant warmth,   
feeling each bursting molecule’s     
cold flame.   
I whispered my name into the wind   
and it echoed through my heart;   
it rippled across the silent seas     
of youth.   
I danced across the horizon,   
walked slowly down the hill,   
and sat at Priam’s palace   
of old.   
I wept for all lost gods   
and watched the fresh spring flow   
down into the whispering ocean   
of hope.   
I climbed the hill again,   
gloried in the setting sun—   
called goodbye to the day’s     
loud silence.   
I stood alone, I whispered,   
and I danced, I wept and   
then I climbed high into    
the stars.   
Copyright 1976  Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

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