Tuesday, October 11, 2011

“Hollywood Heartthrobs”

         Because of Netflix and TCM, I started a mental list of Hollywood Heartthrobs. These splendid actors, with their dashing good looks, draw me into their worlds for about two hours at a time. The other day, I realized that my list of favorites included debonair dudes  dating back to my parent's generation and went all the way to current gents with “bedroom eyes.”

         I began to wonder exactly what combination of traits made me hunger for one Hollywood hunk over another. When I considered my list critically, I realized that voices play a huge role in my criteria for sexy. Looks may come and go, wrinkles and sags eventually get the best of everyone, but voices—well, they stay wonderfully sensual throughout a lifetime.
         My admiration for many of my heartthrobs evolved as an appreciation of their ability to craft their art. The actor playing the same character year after year and film after film didn't make my list. I particularly enjoy watching a performance where I lose the actor within the character he portrays.

         I sat down today to generate an inventory of my Top Ten Heartthrobs, and surprised myself when I crossed several names off of my list. I know my sister will squeal in protest over the deletion of Sean Connery while several other friends will feel disbelief that I don’t have Robert Redford, Mel Gibson, or Richard Gere. Anyway. . . here’s the list:

Chapman’s Top Ten Heartthrobs (in no particular order):

1.       Gregory Peck                             6.  Jimmy Stewart
2.       Cary Grant                                  7.  Gene Kelly
3.      Johnny Depp                               8.  Keanu Reeves
4.      Harrison Ford                              9.  Tom Hanks
5.      Denzel Washington                    10. Orlando Bloom

My curiosity longs to know, who would be on your list? 

Copyright 2011 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman


  1. Elvis Presley
    Patrick Swayze
    Gregory Peck
    Clark Gable
    Chad Everett
    Pierce Brosnan
    Colin Firth
    Mark Harmon
    Sean Connery
    George Clooney

  2. Sue,
    Thanks for sharing your list! I had to drop Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth from my list to get to 10.