Saturday, July 9, 2011

“Hidden Feelings”

There are feelings here that can’t be hidden any longer.
Forever trying to force them down, I find they’re growing stronger.
Is this a tentative friendship, or the clumsy lover’s dreams?
Am I experiencing love; is that what this confusion means?
I’m lonely when you’re gone, and resigned when you are here
because you’re always far away, even when you’re near.
I can’t tell where desire ends and where the lovin’ starts.
Is this what the fairy tales mean when one gives away one’s heart?
I want to touch you softly, to talk with you and to share.
I want to say a simple phrase, just “Darlin’ I do care.”
I'm not asking for eternity; I’m just hoping for one day.
For I need a chance to show to you the feelings I’ve hidden away.

Copyright 1977 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

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