Thursday, July 21, 2011

“The Foot Long Generation”

Our children live at home— 
dreaming, planning, reaching, and working 
within a reality of Pink Slips and Red Ink 
meeting Maslow’s levels by 
staying, sharing, settling, and waiting 

Our children leave our homes— 
dreaming, planning, reaching, and working 
but return with Divorce and Failure 
postponing their destinies by 
bleeding, retreating, suffering, then healing 

Our parents live at home— 
yearning, coping, striving, craving 
becoming our children by 
needing, depending, trusting, and relenting 

Our parents live in homes— 
yearning, coping, striving, craving 
relinquishing their destinies by 
falling, breaking, suffering, dying 

Copyright 2010 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

I believe we honor our parents by supporting their needs. I believe we honor our futures by nurturing the possibilities of our children.

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