Sunday, April 24, 2011

“We Will Walk”

We will walk all through the night
and talk of ways to make things right.
We will take the world we see
and make our dreams reality.

                        With the strength of our minds,
                        we’ll erase the hopeless sighs
                        of weary men as they try
                        to make a living—to survive.

                        We will fully eradicate
                        all the envy and the hate
                        that always seem to invade
                        the souls of men every day.

With our strength we can change
the way in which our life’s arranged.
Our belief in peace and grace
can save us from the working race.

                        Constant striving to be free
                        can only open destiny.
                        Endless groping in the night
                        will always lead us to the light.

                        We will live to see the day
                        when our children can safely play
                        in streets not torn with racial fears,
                        nor gutters flooded with our tears.

We will walk all through the night.

Copyright 1980 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

Another older poem today to celebrate optimism! Although this piece was written nore than thirty years ago, it displays one of my fundamental beliefs--that we can make the world a better place.

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