Friday, April 22, 2011

“The Artists”

We began like an artist,
observing the scene,
watching each other from afar.
Carefully, we began to
sketch a rough outline
of things held in common.
Cautiously, we touched brush to canvas—
     a first dash of red, a gentle blue.
    Here a sparkle of green leaves in the sun,
     a glint of mahogany.
    Then a slight sliver of silver on black—
     the light of a summer’s moon.
    There the dusky grey of
     twilight; the orange splash of
      the rising sun.
From the first we were
careful to explore
each new hue.
Trying to create,
with strokes of the brush,
a life together.

Copyright 1978 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

I wrote this poem soon after David and I met. We knew, almost from the first, that we'd spend our life together. Often people ask me what's the trick to a long, successful marriage, but I don't have an answer. Love, commitment, friendship, determination, acceptance, compromise, respect--key components to any relationship. I do believe, though, that too many people throw out the canvas after a mistroke of the brush.

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