Saturday, March 12, 2011

Haiku Experiment

The Experiment
distilling daily dreams—thoughts
one drop at a time
July 4

Morning view outside
velvet red upon green stalks
symmetrical rose
July 4
Daily poetry
huge mountains of words to climb
an endless challenge
July 13
Twelve days of poems
forcing creativity
through the sieve of words
July 14
Impatience is gone
vanishing within a smile
the mood shifts again
July 23
Happiness and joy
are acorns planted in fall
and rooted in time
July 27
The poetry helps
by healing my tattered soul
bandaging worries
August 2
Plunge into a book
evade all-consuming thoughts
escape tomorrow
August 3
 Night’s muffled sighs sound
distant humming of autos
gentle songs of sleep
August 5
Today’s words are forced
curbed and restrained emotions
cotton wraps my mind
August 8
Retreat into sleep
play out other worlds and lives
leave yourself behind
August 8
Hold onto sunshine
gently cup it in your hands
optimistic thoughts
August 16
Sleepy Saturday
singing soft lullabies
snoozing silently
September 11

Copyright 1999 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

For a six month period in 1999, I challenged myself to make my journal entries through some form of poetry. Often, the day's events seemed best expressed through haiku. These are just a few entries from my experiment.

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