Saturday, March 19, 2011

"An Ending Begins"

Standing on the edge looking back—
            So many decisions gone wrong
                        So many decisions proved right
                                    No way of tracing patterns
            The child longs for easier ways—
                        Rainbows, buttercups under the chin
                                    Seeking security
                                                Returning to the womb
Standing on the edge looking ahead—
            So many unknowns
                        So many possibilities
                                    No way of seeing patterns
            The youth longs for challenge—
                        First love, free falling from the sky
                                    Embracing life
                                                Escaping tight bondage
Standing on the edge looking inward—
            So many “what ifs”
                        So many “if onlys”
                                    No way of changing patterns
            The elder dreams on of new beginnings
                        Second chances, another step into sunshine
                                    Gathering warmth
                                                Longing to be young again

Copyright 1996 Elizabeth Abrams Chapman

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